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New Years Fondue Party

New Years Fondue Party

What could be better than ringing in the new year with cheese, booze and more cheese?!? It practically screams American...according to an internet search Americans loved a good fondue party back in the day. Anyways, Bonnie, Rebecca and I put together a seriously awesome fondue dinner party (if I do say so myself) to celebrate the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.

Clean living room ready and waiting for people to show up

Donkey paperweight holding down the fort by the olives and nuts

We started things off with three yummy appetizers. I made my mom's famous sausage rolls, Bonnie made 

meatballs with cranberry BBQ sauce,

and Rebecca made these delish

Caesar salad deviled eggs


Then we geared up for the main course...fondue!! We followed a


form 101 Cookbooks for the fondue...and quadrupled it so yes that would be 4 POUNDS of cheese...4 pounds of delicious cheesy goodness.  

The three cooks in the kitchen

Table 1 getting ready to dig in 

Table 2 already digging in

 Rebecca made a tasty butternut squash soup to start us off and we also had a salad (with avocado, pomegranates and ricotta).

And then we got down to business...we did have 4 pounds of cheese to eat after all. Dipping items included: three kinds of bread, broccoli, cauliflower, pickles, apples, potatos, snap peas and, my personal favorite, mini chicken sausages. 

Rebecca showing off her fondue kabob  

After doing laps around the apartment trying to walk off the food coma we dug into the

salted caramel cheesecake

Rebecca made...it was seriously one of the best desserts of all time.

Showing off her creation

After devouring the cheesecake we hung around the apartment for a bit before deciding to do a pre-midnight


toast (since we were going to a bar for the actual countdown).

Aiming for houses across the street..managed to hit a car 


Hope everyone had a Happy New Years!!

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