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AmeriCanadian Christmas 2011

AmeriCanadian Christmas 2011

Made it through the holidays as Americans- success! We spent Christmas eve at my parents house where my mom made a delish turkey dinner and we watched old home videos (Buddy the puppy stole the show however there were also a lot of Spice Girl songs involved...my 'choreography' has not stood the test of time...awkward). My brother and dad spent most of the afternoon/evening trying to find the funniest


's..."highlights" were

Karate Kyle


Insanity Puppy


High Expectations Asian Father

. We slept in Christmas morning and took our time opening presents- we used the iPhone Face Time to see/talk to family back in the homeland (and to totally freak out all the dogs...they had no clue where the voices were coming from)...very cool to be able to see everyone. Speaking of dogs, I love


AmeriCanadian Christmas family portrait

After opening presents, we headed over to Christine and Dieter's to celebrate with our 'California family' and we got to hang out with these three cuties! I only managed to get one picture of Mady...that girl can move! They were having so much fun opening presents and playing with new toys. 

Yea My Little Pony! Also, how cute is her outfit?!?

Cooper loves his reindeer...adorable outfit #2

'Booper more hotdog...more hotdog please' ...getting down to some serious hotdog eating

Abby is such a happy baby...giggling away at whatever my mom was doing

Adorable outfit #3  

Photo from Mel- me hanging out with Abby trying to get her to laugh

Dinner was incredible (

per usual

) and the dessert table was totally over the top (and amazing)- it included: two kinds of buche de noel, pear tart, ginger lemon cake, princess cake, red velvet cupcakes AND cookies. Finally able to move, after eating more sugar than the human body can reasonably handle, we used the little kids' toy blocks to box Colin in.

First attempt...effective but not tall enough

Final effort...big brother was pretty happy he has little brother trapped

Rounding out the festivities, my mom and dad threw a citizenship party on Boxing Day for their friends...food was awesome (way to go Mom and Bonnie!) and for the third day in a row I felt like I was going to explode but over-eating on holidays is totally patriotic...I was just doing my duty to my new country. Christine and Dieter had the best citizenship gift EVER!! 

Yea thats right...straight up American-izing our tree and converting us to American maple syrup...solid American friends- I love it! 

New Years Fondue Party

New Years Fondue Party

Santacon 2011

Santacon 2011