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Austin hearts America...

Austin hearts America...

...and I heart Austin!! Its an awesome city and I can't wait to go back! Started off the long weekend by buying the best cowboy boots ever at 

Allen's Boots


Ended up with the ones on the far right

If you're going to visit Austin, be prepared to eat as much as possible because the food is fantastic! Delicious tacos at 


, best burger of my life at 


, amazing pulled pork sandwich at


, deep fried pickles with ranch AND a chicken, tomato, black bean and avocado pizza at 

Alamo Draft House

 (where we saw Drive- love Ryan Gosling but yikes that was an intense movie).

Also you should probably be prepared for some late nights (and plenty of shots shots shots sh-sh-shots) because Austin has an awesome nightlife. We laughed at 

Esther's Follies

, danced it up at 

Maggie Mae's

and celebrated like a champ at 


 during their Karaoke Apocalypse night. Seriously plan a trip now.

One of my favorite things about this trip was seeing all the cows out for the 

Cow Parade

. Local artists paint the cows which are on display until the end of October when there is an auction to benefit the Dell Children's Medical center. Check out some of the ones we found all over Austin!

Blazing Bovine

Chia Cow

Bats on the Moo-ve (taken during a major downpour)

Moo-vement (love this one!)


Morning Glory & Death (not my favorite)

Tacky Taurist (loving the fanny pack)

Texas Sports Holstein of Fame

Flower Power Cowlection 'Esther Eloise'

Udderly Austin (one of my favs)

Just Moo It (my other fav)

Life Savers Cow

Yea not our favorite at all

Gilded Lily

A Moo-sical Moo-saic

CowJunto Music

Happy People

Wildflower Cow

Austin Bluebonnets Cow

Texas State Capital

Texas State Capital

#7 Learn how to shoot a gun

#7 Learn how to shoot a gun