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#7 Learn how to shoot a gun

#7 Learn how to shoot a gun

I took a mini vacation to Austin this past weekend to visit my friend Nicole from Davis and her boyfriend Dan.  Not only did we have an awesome time doing all things Austin (and eating everything in sight...amaaazing food) but I also got to check off another thing on my list!! Dan's friend Kent let us stop by his place for some target practice...although since both Nicole and I had no clue what we were doing it was less target practice and more just trying to hit anything while not freaking out over how loud the guns were! Both Kent and Dan are cops so everything was nice and safe (in case peps were worrying).

Gearing up and getting ready at Kent's...thats just one of the guns and some of the ammo we took with us

First rule us novices learned- guns point out of the car while driving

Kent and Dan started off by showing us how it was done. They were also testing the sight which is kind of a big deal- like leather bound books big deal- and it turns out the sight on the giant scary looking gun (called an AR something I can't remember) was 'WAY OFF...THE SIGHT IS WAY OFF' <-- that would be Dan not knowing he was yelling while wearing the ear muffs.

Guns are LOUD!!! Without the earmuffs you better be ready to plug your ears- or putting extra bullets in there works in a pinch I found out (but did not try out-I was happy with the ear plugging method).

Then it was our turn...

This shotgun (??) totally took me by surprise with the kick...it was not joking around

My favorite! The baby gun aka the 38 was easily my favorite...I actually hit stuff with this one! Made a soda bottle explode! 

Dan prepping Nicole for the big scary gun...we both were hesitant ...

But she was brave and totally rocked it!

Scary and loud but a lot of fun...I hit absolutely nothing but I blame the sight 

My other favorite one...I felt like I was in a Western!

All in all #7 was a success!!! It was an awesome way to spend a (hungover) Sunday! Kent and Dan are my heros for making this happen...Nicole and I are now totally legit as shown by the photos below. Kent told us this was the Bonnie and Clyde pose:

Too legit to quit

Yea no big deal, just wearing my Texas shirt and cowboy boots and holding a gun. 

Austin hearts America...

Austin hearts America...

American advice needed...

American advice needed...