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Keeping busy...

Keeping busy...

Its been an usually hot SF summer (so far) so I've spent less time on my computer and more time outside- which is never a bad thing but means I've been way behind on posting. I haven't been overly American lately (although I technically did

jury duty

- even got paid my whopping $15). Instead fun things like a visit from Dog have been happening- just check out his adorable face! He even let me put slippers on him before a bedtime cuddle sesh (he may or may not look unhappy about the situation).

The good weather has meant that I have buckled down at work to make sure I get out and enjoy some fun in the sun while I can- especially the kind of fun when you have happy hour on top of a super old building. 

Or the kind of fun where you're in the luxury box at a Giants game (free hot dogs and beer- whaaaaaat ?!?!)

Or the kind of fun where you take your parents on a walk that includes visiting the

Yoda fountain

, brunch at

Presidio Social Club

and a fun/brutal (depends on who you ask) hike up the Lyon street stairs.

 Also fun is finding cool stuff walking to/from a jobsite- this city is awesome.

We celebrated my little brother's birthday recently (and

Mother's day


Father's day

). My mom (with grill help from the master aka my dad) made an awesome dinner for his birthday and topped it off with a killer chocolate cake. The only problem is we had no traditional bday candles so I improvised- not too bad I thought (emergency candle and fake tea lights are super classy). 

My friends and I even managed to work in a Naked Hike- Naked Wine hike that is. Bonnie belongs to the

Naked Wine

club and she got an email about a hike/wine tasting/BBQ/stargazing event- how do you say no to that combo? Answer: you don't. The hike was a little more agressive than I thought it would be but took us through the

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

which was cool since I had never been. After the hike we hydrated with some wine- the Rose was a hands down favorite (perfect summer wine!). And then....it was BBQ time!!! I had the ribs, chicken, potato salad, watermelon salad, beans and chips...and then I went back for seconds. And yes I totally overdid it since I was so hungry from the hike. And yes I complained a lot. And yes I had to talk a walk around the parking lot to try and feel better. And then they busted out the marshmallow fluff and strawberries so I ate some more. You put a strawberry on a skewer (or two if you're impatient like me), swirl it in the marshmallow fluff and roast it over the fire like you would a regular marshmallow. It was heaven- seriously go try that. We were kind of in a food coma by that part and skipped out on the stargazing but what an awesome event- can't wait to see what they do next!

Lastly, I was the first to get in my parents pool this summer which means my 'Summer House' is officially open for the season- looking forward to spending many more afternoons here. So excited its finally the summer!!!

Austin in 36 Hours

Austin in 36 Hours

Father's Day 2013

Father's Day 2013