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Father's Day 2013

Father's Day 2013

As an early Father's Day present, I took my dad on a tour of the

Anchor Steam Brewery

. So much fun! The tour is free (super classy present I know) and you just have to book way in advance. After a brutal week at work it was the perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon. The tour starts off with a little history of Anchor Steam and micro breweries in general and then we headed out for the tour of the facility.

The tour was cool but the best part was the tasting room- super classy spot to drink some free (yes FREE) beers. We tasted:


Anchor California Lager

(both our fav)


Summer Beer

(least fav for both)


Anchor Steam Beer

(a good go-to)


Liberty Ale

(loved the label!)


Anchor Porter

(chocolatey- I liked it!)


Brekle's Brown

(really interesting)


Old Foghorn Ale

(I passed on this one)

The whole experience was great- Anchor Brewery really does an awesome job and we both agreed we need to put this on the 'must do' list for when people come to visit.

After taking a bit of a break for a quick snack/late lunch we tackled the crookedest street in SF- nope not Lombard! We went down Vermont street and according to


it is the crookedest (its steeper but has fewer turns). After that I was in charge of looking up the steepest street in the city since my dad knew it was in Potrero hill. While googling on my phone my dad took a left and we barely (literally as the car was having some trouble) made it to the top when I announced that we had just climbed the steepest hill in the city 22nd between Church and Vicksburg (tied with Filbert between Leavenworth and Hyde). 

Still running on our 'steep hill' high, we picked up my brother and headed over to

Mission Rock Resort

so I could join in on


's happy hour (and so my dad and brother could take advantage of the $1 happy hour oysters). My dad left to show my brother the streets we just conquered and I stuck around to get some serious booze time in with my bootcamp buddies- makes for some good bonding after a tough session (our trainer is doing his best to make sure we are bathing suit ready for the summer). 

Finally we picked up my mom and had a fam dinner at

Rocco's cafe

- after a fun afternoon of drinking, I was craving Italian and it was perfect. Such a fun day with my dad and fam- wish every Friday was like that!

Keeping busy...

Keeping busy...

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