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Checking In

Checking In

So umm yea I've been totally MIA for over a month. Seriously how did March go by so fast?!?! I haven't been posting because I haven't been a good American- with  how fast this year is going by I better get on my list asap (or as

Michael Scott

would say 'as asap as possible') or the year will be done and I will be no closer to being a true American. Despite being terrible at doing American things, I have been keeping myself busy these past few weeks- with the exception of when I had the worst cold/fever/flu/cough of all time and laid around the house feeling sorry for myself for a week.

I flew down to San Diego for my friend Nicole's bridal shower and bachelorette party at the beginning of March- unfortunately there was a 3.5 hours delay on my flight down (nothing like hanging out at SFO drinking beer by yourself while your friends are hanging out together). Once I got down there though we had an awesome time- I wish we all lived closer together! The bridal shower was beautiful and we had a blast going out in the Gaslamp Quarter.

When I got back, I went to a Sharks game- check out how close we were to the ice! This Canadian loves her hockey :-) We won the game and I got to see some pretty decent fighting (my favorite part)- made for a fun Thursday night. 

My dad and I headed up to Kirkwood to get some snow time in- I've been slacking these past few weeks and I need to get up there more before the snows all gone. 

My manager was awesome enough to buy a bunch of us tickets to go see Black Prairie play at 

Bottom of the Hill

 on the 15th. So much fun! We managed to put away our fair share of booze (and piss of the people around us for talking and laughing so loud) and so the concert portion is a little hazy but we had so much fun that I don't even care. I went back to Bottom of the Hill this past Tuesday to see Aimee Mann and Ted Leo play together and that was awesome- some pretty epic guitar playing. 

A major milestone happened on the 17th when I celebrated my half birthday on St. Patricks day. I figured out when I was little that my mom would be willing to celebrate my half birthday as long as I remembered to throw in a few hints now and then (I'm sure they were totally subtle). So for years I've gotten a card and present on my half birthday- hey any excuse to celebrate right?!? This year my parents and I had an awesome lunch at

Va de Vie

in Walnut Creek then I met Tom and


out at


to celebrate with some Jame-o, Irish car bombs, Guinness and the epic desert below- rice crispy treats with lucky charms, Guinness chocolate sauce and jameson ice cream mmm mmm good.

Due to the above mentioned drinking and eating, I've kicked up my workouts to try and balance it all out (swimsuit season is coming up freakishly fast). This week I made it to two bootcamp classes, the gym and a seriously awesome

boxing class

tonight...currently my arms are shaking as I type this and its pretty much guaranteed that I won't be able to walk from my desk to my bed without extreme pain. But back to the boxing class- it was the first class where I got three pats on the shoulder and a 'good job Kristen' from Simon- three!!!! That never happens- basically I'm like a pro now so its only a matter of time until I get that Golden Gloves champion belt. Bootcamp is fun too- mainly because I get to play with this adorable guy (see photo below). He gives you some serious puppy eyes while we workout...just begging you to play with him. 

And last but not least, I road tripped to Santa Monica for a wedding last weekend. Sunny weather, beautiful wedding and day drinking on the beach- what more could you ask for?! A plane ticket, a plane ticket is what you could ask for...the drive down went by super fast but I hate driving home because it always seems 20 times longer.

Oh and if you haven't done it already and live in SF, go check out the

Bay Bridge lights

as it is beautiful. I recommend bringing a bottle of wine and enjoying watching it all go by.



Exploring SF: The Mission

Exploring SF: The Mission