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Exploring SF: The Mission

Exploring SF: The Mission

Lindsey and I decided that instead of getting each other Christmas presents we would do a roomie SF day. We each wrote down ideas of things we've always wanted to see/do/eat in the city and put them in the pimp cup to be pulled the day of. Since I have no self control I voted we look at all the ideas and pick the ones we thought we could do in a day then go from there.

We decided walking was the way to go since it was such a gorgeous day (plus finding parking is the WORST). Walking limited our list to the Mission but made for some fun impromptu stops along the way. We headed down to BART via Hayes Valley so we could get in some

Schulzies bread pudding

 (pumpkin topped with graham crackers and whiskey sauce). First impromptu stop was the

Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption

Next up

Mission Bowling Club

where we played, ate a delish brunch and drank yummy cocktails. 

To take a break between eating we walked over to the

Pirate store

at 826 Valencia.

Yet another quick stop was

Craftsman and Wolves

where they were all out of the Rebel Within (need to get back to try that out ASAP) so I settled on something else (which wasn't my favorite). 

After walking up an appetite (I lie- we were so full), we waited in a looong (we're talking down the block and around the corner long) line for

Bi-rite ice cream

which we ate in Dolores Park. I got a scoop of brown sugar with ginger caramel swirl and Lindsey got rincanelas (cinnamon with snickerdoodles)- both were delish.

Then came an impromptu stop at the

Mission San Francisco de Asis


After walking 6 miles we were tired and decided to take a break at home before heading out for our final stop-

Smuggler's Cove

. It was a bit of a wait (45 mins) but it was a cool spot once you got inside so I thought the wait was worth it. We ended up with the flashy Volcano - fire shows are always fun- but I definitely want to go back and try one of the drinks they are famous for. 

It was a fun SF day and I can't wait to do it again! We still have to do: a night tour of Alcatraz, a ghost tour around the city, an hour in the House of Air, drinking at Bluxome St Winery, etc. Oh and a new one I'm adding right now: get Korean Tacos at Namu mmm so good. 

Checking In

Checking In

Happy President's Day

Happy President's Day