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Stagecoach Wardrobe

Stagecoach Wardrobe

So much happened at Stagecoach

that I feel like I couldn't do the wardrobe choices justice by trying to fit it into another post...so yes clothing gets its own post. And what a sight the clothes were. As expected, cowboy boots are a must despite the fact that your lower leg will sweat profusely in the 90+ degree weather. Also critical is a cowboy hat (or equally American hat of your choice) as it looks legit AND keeps you from ending up with a bright red sunburnt face (yeah sun safety!). FYI

beer box cowboy hats that I found earlier

were HUGE at this thing...they even had a booth set up. As we were mostly girls, obviously we had these two down pat! The only boy in our group did not get the memo and was not wearing cowboy boots...unacceptable! Jk

Ok so here is the gist, its crazy hot out and peps were drinking a ton so it seems like maximizing skin exposure was the goal...and done quite successfully by most people (although many MANY people should have possibly rethought the exposed beer gut look). Basically in terms of outfits for girls you have 3 options:

1. Bikini, boots + hat (shorts = optional). Lauren and Anthony get bonus points for American pride...so cute!

2. Jean shorts (america-fied or not), American shirt, boots + hat (we were all over this one)

3. Bikini bottoms, boots and pasties <-- yes someone was walking around wearing that...no shirt just pasties. In my opinion not a great life decision but hey its stagecoach, she just reached a new level of skin exposure...I bet next year it'll be all the rage.

Now, if you're a guy you have a few more choices:

1. Boardshorts, cowboy boots + cowboy hat (like our neighbors were sporting)

One guy had boardshorts that had the American flag on them except for instead of red stripes there was red solo cups and instead of white stars there were pong balls. Best shorts ever! Sadly google has failed me and I cannot find them but these are pretty awesome if you're in the market for

pong related boardshorts


2. Cut off jean shorts, 'Murica shirt, boots + hat. I didn't get a pic of this one but how great is it that someone wore a shirt almost exactly like

 this shirt


3. Overall with no shirt, boots + hat (a very popular look)

4. Plaid shirt, jeans, boots + hat (aka the full cowboy)

5. Man thong + Native American accessories

Sexy right? Anyways, I'm already on the hunt for the perfect American flag clothing for next year...let me know if you find good stuff!

Patriotic Moment of the day

Patriotic Moment of the day

#46 Go to Stagecoach

#46 Go to Stagecoach