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#46 Go to Stagecoach

#46 Go to Stagecoach

If you're keeping up with

the list

you might be wondering why I suddenly added to it- I mean why would I add something to the list that I've already done. Well there's two reasons: 1) I like making lists with things I can cross off right away so I can feel super productive...'write list' check! and 2) had I known how 'Merican


would be well then it would have been #1 on the list from the very beginning. Sadly I didn't know about the epic awesomeness that is Stagecoach so I have added it now as an afterthought. Don't take its lowly #46 status to mean it is not amazing because it was truly one of the most fun weekends I've ever had. Combo of college friends getting together + new friends + amazing country music + beer pong/ flip cup/ civil war +4 days camping out with crazy Americans = good times.

Where to start, where to start..ok so for those who don't know what Stagecoach is its a 3 day (sometimes 2 day) country music festival in Indio, CA. You can either stay at a hotel near by, camp in a tent or camp out in an RV (what we did). During the day you play lots of beer games and at noon the gates open where you can check out the booths and get free stuff. The concerts start at 4 and go until 11ish which at that point you can head out to the activity center (karaoke, pinball etc), dance floor, or to any of the many many RV parties. Basically it is a recipe for awesomeness.

RVs as far as the eye can see

We packed up the RV and headed up to the venue on Thursday afternoon so we could get an early start on Friday.

We were so excited that we were up by 8:30 dressed in our hats and boots, ready for the day!

The group headed to the gates early with all our stuff to claim our spot for the concert that night...considering how hot it was, it was a LONG walk from the RV to the venue.

We spent a few hours picking up some free stuff: beer koozies, bags, killer sunglasses, gorgeous poster and hand sanitizer (critical for dealing with the nasty porta-potties). 

We even got our craft on and made leather bracelets (which I immediately lost...major sad face). Mine is the one on the bottom, my friend ran into a situation with hers so 'Bus' is a little hard to read...so special.

We also scoped out the venue layout to find the best food- in my opinion it was hands down the food from the

Green Truck

(mmm Mother Trucker sauce)- and I also found this which, if you know me, is my fav:

Everyone claims their spot pretty early...critical if you want to be anywhere close to the stage as it fills up fast before people start going on. 

Friday's lineup was Eli Young Band, Sara Evans, Alabama (old school) and JASON ALDEAN (yea I'm totally not a big fan or anything <--sarcastic tone). Jason Aldean was put on an incredible show. Seriously cannot wait to see him again. 

Such a great night...we called it an "early night" and headed to bed around 1 (I don't do well with day drinking in super hot weather). Early bedtime means we were up at 8:30 ready for day 2! After mimosas and bloody marys we started a good old game of flip cup. So glad I joined a kickball team so that I could represent...no big deal or anything but I'm practically a pro at this point.   

Quite a few games later, we got ready for the concert and took some shots! Then to cover our bets we also took a beer for the road...when they're charging $9 for a cup of beer at the concert and we're going to be there for HOURS you seriously have to plan ahead...and by plan ahead I mean drink early so its free (then you can spend your money on sweet potato fries...delish). 

 Saturday's lineup was hands down my favorite of the festival: Justin Moore (love him...especially when he brought his little girl in tiny pink headphones out), Luke Bryan (LOVE him), Blake Shelton (hilarious) and Miranda Lamber (total bad ass).

 So umm Luke Bryan...y'all that man is hotness x 10. Especially when showing off his dance moves in 'Country Girl (shake it for me)' ...my voice was almost gone by the time he wrapped up. Best line ever '...if you can't hook up at Stagecoach then you're just plain damn ugly and I can't help you...'

 When she closed out the show, Miranda brought everyone out on stage with her to sing...it was awesome...have I said 'awesome' enough yet?? I need a new word how about 'it was wondrous'.

So the concert is just the beginning of Saturday night but I'm exhausted so the rest of the Stagecoach recap will have to happen another time.

Stagecoach Wardrobe

Stagecoach Wardrobe

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