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'Merican Beer Headgear

'Merican Beer Headgear

It turns out that not only are there some

awesome ways to hold your beer

, there are some equally awesome ways to show your beer allegiance on your head in the form of hats. And not just standard baseball hats, no no no this goes further ...much further. Sun protection + stylish + letting people know what you would like to be drinking = win win win.




So apparently there is a whole market for

beer cowboy hats

. Quite frankly these bad boys are bad ass and come in a variety of beer options. 

And if you feel like representing a little good old Molson, there is an option for that too:

Love me some Molson- they made one of my favorite commercials ever. 'I am Canadian' came out right when we were moving to the US....my friends made me a shirt with all the quotes and to this day I can recite it word for word. If you haven't had the joy of experiencing it for yourself, here you go:

Anyways, back to 'merican beer. Feeling fancy? Problem solved:

Wanting something a little more feminine? Well there are

crocheted beer can hats

that will fit the bill:

And of course there its the classic beer can hat...although seriously?!? Coke? No, I seriously doubt that is what 99% of the users will be drinking out of this cleverly named hat. 


Maybe this one would be best suited for a WWE event? Or maybe monster trucks? I'm sure theres an occasion where this would be perfect!

Sadly, I did not have this one yesterday but you bet I will have this sucker next year:

2 Americanadians + SF = Crazy times

2 Americanadians + SF = Crazy times

Patriotic Moment...

Patriotic Moment...