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2 Americanadians + SF = Crazy times

2 Americanadians + SF = Crazy times

I've let my American blog-ness fall by the wayside...I could easily blame it on work (which is crazy right now) but really I blame addicting TV shows like Giuliana and Bill. In 48 hours, I've watched every episode available on Netflix....yup two seasons in two days because 'I need to know what happens!!'. Lets think about that for a second, I watched a reality show filmed 2-3 years ago for two days in order to find out what happens to two people I don't know...umm yea could have saved a lot of time using good ol' Google (which has a super cool architecture logo today btw). But whatevs! I totally had a partner in crime because Shay came to visit!!!! And she agrees understands my love of Bill Rancic...if you don't get it just watch the show...he's awesome.

Now Shay's got some American blood in her due to her Cali born mom so she fit right into the SF lifestyle (of sweats and G&B...I kid I kid). We kicked off our tour of the city on Saturday, which happened to be the only day of her entire trip where it rained. Yup good timing on our part...'lets go on a walking tour of the city!' sounded like such a better idea before we realized how hard it was raining.

But being born and raised in Vancouver we weren't about to let a little rain slow us down! 

We took the bus downtown and walked from the Transamerica building all the way to Fisherman's Warf (we were debating heading up the Coit tower stairs for a view of the city but the downpour changed our minds). Once we got there, we bolted inside the first restaurant we saw which happened to be the delish

Fog Harbor Fish House

. Our window seats gave us a pretty good view of the city (and the miserable looking people in the rain). 

We got the blue cheese garlic bread (so freaking good) and the chili garlic prawns to start us off...hot food after being outside in the rain helped sooo much. Then Shay went with the traditional clam chowder in a bread bowl and I got the salmon 'club' salad...mmm x2. 

Even Vancouver kids can reach their limit when it comes to rain and ours was reached when we almost got soaked by cars driving past us through a gigantic puddle...you would have thought I was being mugged with the screams I had going on there. Oh and the pack of 40+ seagulls who flew at us trying to get at some asshole who was feeding them bread behind us wasn't much fun either ('I just don't want them shitting on me!!' was screamed throughout the parking lot). Soooo we called my awesome roomie who came to pick us up while we waited for her in the always awesome

Musee Mecanique

. We passed the time getting our fortunes read and checking out the old games...ps. my mouth guy fortune was spectacular and I cannot wait for that stuff to come true. 

Lindsey and Ryan scooped us up and we headed out to check off a couple more touristy things on the list for Shay. First up Lombard street (I would HATE living on that street) and then we headed to go see the Full House houses.

Car tourist > Rain soaked walking tourist

We made it home with enough time to get a few more episodes of G&B in while drinking from our


...class class class I love it. 

That night, we headed out to celebrate a friends birthday at the one and only


!! I love that bar: awesome music, bff bartender, white trash decor, and some good old 'merican eats. Like the deep fried PB&J...deep fried goodness with marshmellows, sprinkles, m&ms etc. Yea Pauly gave us the works since Shay was visiting...and let me tell you that shit was cray...like seriously good. 

So all in all I had a great time visiting with my Americanadian (or is she Canadimerican because she's based out of Vancouver??) and can't wait until the next time. 

Ps. This was the awesome weather we had the day she left...that would be the day we stayed inside with all the windows open (to get some fresh air of course) while watching the last 3 episodes of G&B frantically before the shuttle got there..winning.

Pps. Rebecca channeled her inner Joy the Baker and made a super delish and satisfying Sunday night


...I seriously can't stop thinking about those biscuits! 

Happy Good Friday!

Happy Good Friday!

'Merican Beer Headgear

'Merican Beer Headgear