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Getting my American-ness back on track

Getting my American-ness back on track

I have been totally slacking on my American list these past few months so I'm trying to put a plan together for 2012 so I don't miss anything. Step 1 to getting my Americanadian on? Beer. Took care of that this past weekend with some PBR tall boys.


Ok now for reals, here's what I'm thinking:

  • I typically do my donations around Christmas but since this year was insanely busy, I'm a little behind schedule. Sooooo I will be heading to Walmart to go shopping (#33) for supplies to donate to the SF SPCA. Thinking of going the weekend of the 20th- who wants to go with me?? You will have to talk me out of taking all the dogs home with me...like this one, and this one, and most definitely this one. Oops almost forgot this guy.
  • Budweiser tour #25 (with Jelly Belly addition) will be happening ASAP- I'm thinking early Feb. 
  • Since I don't have cable (and HATE Comcast) I'm going to have to get creative about #31 hosting an Oscar party which is Feb 26th. It'll probably be more of a pre-Oscar party..then you can go home and watch it yourself...so fun!
  • I'll be looking to #26 join a kickball team in March...already have some friends interested so this should be a good time.
  • Theres a Nascar race (#28) happening at the end of June that will be a must see..plus its in Sonoma so can't go wrong.
  • If anyone knows where/when a monster truck show is happening let me know...I need some time to get my fanny pack, camo outfit and trucker hat together.

So thats my tentative plan so far for 2012. This leaves out some snowboarding trips, a beach vay-cay, a *fingers crossed its happening* Vegas trip and the usual trip to Austin, TX (I get more American every time I'm there :-)). Also going to try and fit in a Washington, DC trip (Tracy, I'm totally taking you up on your offer...Melanie you better get yo ass on the plane too! It'll be a DC reunion instead of SF...just as awesome).

About those snowboarding trips I have planned...umm yea its gonna have to actually start snowing!!! I mean when I can sit at home in shorts and a t-shirt, with my windows wide open and enjoy a leisurely lunch something is not right...where is the miserable cold, foggy, rainy winter that promises awesome snow conditions?!?!

Lunch in the sun...not a snowflake in sight

 At least the good weather means I get to take advantage of some awesome SF views. Took a walk in Golden Gate park this past weekend and checked out the clear view from the De Young tower.

 Finished off the weekend with a sunset walk around the neighborhood.

Oh and ps. no big deal or anything buuuuut Vancouver was voted as one of the

top 10 beach cities

. Yea thats right Vancouver is totally a big deal...thats why I'll always be Ameri



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