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I love me a good list. I make lists for everything in my life- work, errands, fun stuff, this blog (obvi), etc. Whenever I'm not feeling productive I make a list usually with something I've already done on it or something super easy to do so you can get the satisfaction of crossing something off right away. Throughout the year I always find myself thinking of things I want to do in the summer- well we are well into summer now so I put

my list

together and started planning on how to get it all done. First up was the

Exploratorium After Dark event

. Its the first Thursday of every month (this month's theme was 'Freestyle') from 6-10pm and for adults 21 and over which means....drinks!! Awesome way to spend a happy hour. Bonnie, Pete, Tom, Rebecca and Elisabeth came to check it out with me.

 First up was the Central Gallery: Seeing and Listening. My favorite is the room that has a

gravel floor

and you have to see how quietly you can move through it- Rebecca did the best with an overall score of 1.4 I think (mine was closer to 20) - she has serious ninja skillz.

We were pretty hungry so we hit up the Seaglass restaurant- great space! They had a sushi bar, sandwich bar and two hot meal bars (tacos and roasted chicken). They also had a cookie bar set up. I ended up with a salmon roll and Bonnie and I split the tacos. Everything was awesome (especially the wine) but it was a little on the expensive side but that always happens when drinks are thrown into the mix. The snickerdoodle cookie was the hands down favorite- so chewy mmm.

After dinner we headed to Living Systems (East Gallery) and got our science on- check out the pretty bacteria. I also liked the tubes showing the different tide levels in the bay.

Then it was back through the Seeing and Listening section and onto the Tinkering Studio. I loved the breakdancing robot and the

monochromatic room

(weird to be drunk in that room- also Elmo is always red). They have a

pac man game

that you play as a team- always fun to start yelling commands at strangers.

After a couple of hours of exploring and playing in the shadow room it was time to head out- 4 hours went by so fast! We didn't even get through all the exhibits (really want to check out the Tactile Dome) and I missed all of the special presentations so we definitely want to do this again. Buy tickets ahead of time because it sells out (seriously so packed in there). Oh and bring some hand sanitizer because you get all up in things at the Exploratorium and it is awesome!

Tourist Club Hike

Tourist Club Hike

Exploring SF: NOPA

Exploring SF: NOPA