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Exploring SF: Presidio Trails Part 2

Exploring SF: Presidio Trails Part 2

One of my

summer goals

was to explore all the hikes in the Presidio so Lindsey and I headed out for a walk on Saturday and ended up walking for over 9 miles! We headed over to the Presidio Golf Course and passed some gorgeous houses along the way. 

We wandered down the Mountain Lake trail which I explored

last time

but this this time we turned down the

Park trail

instead of heading towards Baker Beach.

Running from the 14th Avenue Gate to 

Crissy Field

, the Park Trail is the major north-south corridor through the center of the Presidio. Its southern trailhead begins within the historic 

Public Health Service District

, a tranquil neighborhood where an historic hospital, nurses’ quarters, and support buildings have been revitalized as charming places to live and work. The route continues upward through the historic 

Presidio Golf Course

, peaking within the forest along Washington Boulevard. It’s downhill from here past

 San Francisco National Cemetery 

and the cavalry stables until reaching the sandy shores of San Francisco Bay. Given its central location, the Park Trail offers plenty of opportunities to strike out in a new direction on a connecting trail to reach other highlights in the park. For example, take a scenic detour on the Cemetery Connector Trail to discover a wonderful view from the National Cemetery Overlook.

We accidentally took the scenic detour mentioned in the article above and WOW! Did not know this existed in the city! Seriously a gorgeous hike - we took a ton of pictures.

The National Cemetery overlook had an amazing view. Lines from a poem 'The Young Dead Soldiers' were written on the stones leading to a spot overlooking the cemetery. It was a beautiful spot and we were pretty stoked we accidentally made that detour. 

After our awesome detour we jumped on the Bay Area Ridge Trail and headed towards the ocean. It took us by the

Rob Hill Campground

which I had never seen before (full of kids that day so it was CRAZY loud) and then we followed the road a bit before winding up at the Golden Gate.

The Bay Area Ridge Trail is a planned 550-mile loop tracing the highest points around San Francisco Bay. To date, 338 miles are open to the public, including the Presidio section. Within the Presidio, the trail leads visitors along the park’s ridgeline from the Arguello Gate to the 

Golden Gate Bridge

, providing sweeping panoramas of the park, bay, and ocean. Along the way, pause to enjoy the striking 

Andy Goldsworthy sculpture 


, the rolling hills of 

San Francisco National Cemetery

, and coastal gun batteries. The Bay Area Ridge Trail continues across the Golden Gate Bridge into the Marin Headlands.

We found the end of the Batteries to Bluffs Trail- its less than a mile but its looks pretty intense, can't wait to check that one out. We made our way under the Golden Gate Bridge and took a tourist pic although our pic wasn't nearly as epic as the couple who just got married- just a little bit of a Star Wars fan eh?

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Exploring SF: Presidio Trails Part 3

Exploring SF: Presidio Trails Part 3

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