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Exploring SF: The Dogpatch

Exploring SF: The Dogpatch

After getting some stress out at the

batting cages

I ended up walking downtown and wandered through the Dogpatch. I was planning on heading there on Sunday with friends so it was cool to scope it out a bit beforehand. After getting the lay of the land, I headed home to get ready for girls night.




and I ate an amazing dinner at Pacific Catch then got our drink on with Bonnie along Polk street. Per usual I obviously used good judgement and totally did not over indulge on whiskey (lies! totes did!) and giant donuts the size of my head (double lies! so good!).

The next 'morning' (aka noon), Elisabeth and I got up and headed over to the Dogpatch. We started off at


which has awesome bags that you can customize and had really cute canvas totes (I got the Golden Gate one).

Then we headed right over to


since we were STARVING and in major need of food. Really cute inside but the wait was 30 mins- at 1pm when you hadn't eaten yet this was unacceptable- so we opted to sit outside where we were seated immediately. We split a salad (the arugula, strawberries, pistachios, balsamic, ricotta salata, oilio nuovo one- it was delish and the perfect amount of salty) and a pizza (margherita with an egg- mmmm egg-y goodness). I managed to get a pic of the salad but when the pizza finally arrived we attacked it...Piccino's has a nice mellow 'take your time and enjoy the day' atmosphere which was a little different than our 'feed me right now!!!' mentality. Definitely want to go back though because both the food and service was fantastic.

We swung through

The Workshop Residence

 next door to Piccino and it was cool to see what was being made and what was for sale.

We walked straight past the Chocolate lab as we had another goal in mind (although interested to go back and see what this had to offer)...

Ice cream! We stopped at

Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous

 and the long line was worth it. We both tried the brown butter flavor (good but figured it would be overkill in large quantities) and both decided on milk and cookies flavor - sooo good. We ate it while watching people at

Dogpatch Boulders

which was so freaking impressive.

I had initially wanted to stop by

Wine Works

but after a fun girls night the night before I wasn't really feeling up to it although I def want to go back another time- great look to the space.

Elisabeth and I dropped in the

Museum of Craft and Design

and since it was opening weekend, admission was free! Which was good because it took all of 10 mins to walk through the space (most of which you can see from the door). I did like some of the crazy sculptural pieces- the jellyfish made out of metal was my fav- well second fav after the gift shop :-)

We did a little cheese tasting at

La Fromagerie

but at that point we were so full (and I was in desperate need of a nap) so we headed home.

On the way back to the car, we wandered by Poco Dolce and while they weren't open (if they actually have some sort of store) I just really loved the look of their sign.

Not Dogpatch related but on my walk on Saturday I found this amazing furniture store called

HD Buttercup

(in SOMA) and want pretty much everything in there...too bad its all pretty expensive. Highly recommend checking it out if you're in the market for some new stuff.

So that's another area of the city explored- three down (Dogpatch,



Hayes Valley

) and many more to go. I'm thinking that NOPA should be my next destination so any tips would be greatly appreciated.



#54 Go to the batting cages

#54 Go to the batting cages