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January Recap

January Recap

I'm seriously enjoying this SF winter we're having- can't beat blue skies and warm-ish weather! Despite the awesome weather, this month has been insane- so so busy! Started off great in Whistler (will post about that awesomeness soon), then work got nuts (everyone was kicking of the year with new projects I guess), I got sick (ugh of course) but the month ended on a good note with a big surprise party for my

Dad's birthday

! Family and friends flew in to celebrate with us and we had a lot of fun deceiving (I'm a good liar) and decorating for the big day- he was totally surprised. I can't wait to see the photos *ahem


aka party photographer*

In addition to trying some new


 this month, I also got to try some new restaurants. Bonnie, Rebecca and I decided to check out


in Hayes Valley the other weekend. I loved it! Instead of stale bread they use soft white bread (mmm) and they serve it up cold like ice cream (base flavor, plus toppings and sauce if you want it). I got the banana flavor with extra bananas and blueberries on top- major yum.

My Dad and I share an interest in eating at all the top 100 restaurants in SF so when my parents came into the city for dinner with my brother and I, we ended up eating at

Bistro Aix

(like Aix en Provence in France). SUCH a fantastic meal! Everything we ate was delicious and we all thoroughly enjoyed it- no complaints! My brother and I shared the House Cured Salmon on Potato Galette with Dill cream- AH-mazing I could have eaten 10- the potato galette was like crispy hashbrowns on the bottom mmm. I ended up getting the roast chicken (it was a tough choice) and it was perfectly crispy and the veggies were amazing. We ended the night by splitting the chocolate cloud cake- it was heavenly. Highly recommend checking this place out if you need a place to eat in the Marina.Major bonus: the walls are padded so you can actually hear each other and hold a decent conversation. Only downside was that I could clearly hear the worlds most awkward first date next to us- the highlights:

1.When she told him that she was having expensive (emphasizing expensive) procedures done to remove wrinkles on her face to which he reasonably asked 'how old are you?' and she came back with the ever-deadly-known-to-sink-a-good-man question 'how old do you think I am?'. He intelligently guessed low so she seemed happy

2. When she told him that if her friends had to label her they would label her the 'church girl'. Hey to each their own but when someone goes on and on and on and on for 15 mins about how much they looooove church its starts to get annoying- also start to see why her friends call her 'church girl'. She ended that by saying the only thing she loves more than church is bible study. I personally would have gone with the chocolate cloud cake but that is why I am not known as the 'church girl'

Well thats about all I've got for January- I'm looking forward to February since the Niners are in the Super Bowl (woo hoo!) AND I've got a big snowboarding trip coming up (double woo hoo!). And now to finish off this recap post (because we all need a little break at the end of the week) here are some links I'm loving (buzzfeed heavy edition):


Absolute best kids of the year

- I love #2 , 13, 24 and 29. Also #3 is killing it with the moves!

-I am in the camp that believes 

YOLO is a little out of control


this video

is perfection- love me some Lonely Island

-I think we can all agree that

Toddlers and Tiaras offers some important life lessons

- personally I really took #20 to heart (also I cannot stop laughing every time I see that).


pop-up orchestra

in Spain- must have been cool experience

-How cute is a

puppy that just wants to run on the treadmill

? So cute!

-Annnnd crying over the

Budweiser Super Bowl Clydesdale commercial

- I loves it.

-For your science fix of the day-

why astronauts can't cry in space

-And finally an awesome video of

skydivers breaking a world record

January down- onto February!


(one month down out of twelve- not January 2012)

Super Bowl 2013

Super Bowl 2013

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad!