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Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

We were told it was going to be a rainy weekend but it turned out to be pretty nice- minus the epic rainstorm that happened Sunday morning. The storm was so intense that it knocked out two windows in my apartment building super early in the morning...also I thought the ceiling would cave in and the worst neighbors ever would fall on me. Anyways, yes two windows shattered because of the weather...crazy town. At least no one was walking around at 5am when shards of glass fell from 4 stories up. And the worst part? My brand new Hunter boots hadn't even arrived yet! JK but seriously, I ran (possibly squealing 'thats for meeeeeeeeeeeee') when the FedEx guy arrived with my Piperlime box yesterday (after repeatedly checking both the FedEx tracking website and weather.com to see when it would rain)...they are so pretty! Definitely a good purchase. And I totally wore them to work today even though there was only a 30% chance of rain...they have yet to be tested splashing through puddles. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

 Enough about the weather (and my crazy behavior over boots), last weekend was lots of fun. Bonnie, Rebecca and I ate some delish Thai food on Thursday (technically not the weekend but since last week was the longest weekend EVER I'll count it). Friday night was bookclub with lots of wine, pizza and awesome news. Saturday I headed into Ptown to see all the pictures my parents took when they were in Australia- lets just say that did not help with my jealousy of being left out of the trip. Essentially my mom is now BFF with a koala named Mackenzie and my dad chills with kangaroos like its no big deal. Ugh Australia why are you so far away?!?! Saturday night was my friend Shiri's birthday and we went to a bar called


- I had to wear non-waterproof boots in the pouring rain (damn you Piperlime for not delivering within the promised 3 to 5 days). Despite my wet feet it was a fun night and the bar had great music. On Sunday I spent most of the morning and early afternoon being lazy in my pj's watching TV- I was going to blame it on the rain but actually it was super sunny out so no real excuse...but totally not my fault since the blinds were closed so how was I supposed to know?!? My parents are shaking their heads and wondering where they went wrong raising a child who thought it was raining for literally hours just because I was too lazy to open the blinds when really it was a perfectly nice day by 10am. So bright and early (at 2pm) I got to running errands and checking things off my to do list including making this super awesome vintage crate actually functional:

 I had picked it up this summer at an antique store but the slats were spaced too far apart so it wouldn't hold the pens I had planned for it (holla at my impressive Prismacolor collection). After a little x-acto knife-ing some foam core and a ridiculous amount of hammering tiny little nails (I couldn't find good glue) it was done! And my OCD-like personality loves it! So organized...now who wants to craft?!?

 So crafting, that brings up another good point: its almost Christmas and I am sooooo not ready!!! I have bought three tiny presents (and tons of stuff for myself- per usual- the sales are just so good!) and have zero ideas on what to get people. Also, while I loved making my Christmas cards from last year I don't think I'll have time this year (sad face). I did stumble accross this list of

39 DIY gifts on Buzzfeed

though and there are some good ones- especially #39 (theres a bit of an animal theme going on in my living room). And speaking of animals, Lindsey and I will be

DIY-ing some ornaments

 for our mini-tree that is seriously lacking in ornaments so far- specifically #20. Despite the lack of ornaments I love our sparkly tree although if you put Christmas lights on something I would probably love it-

case in point


And now for something completely unrelated to Christmas or my weekend,

this video

about Instagram- hilarious and true (while I don't use Instagram, I do add filters to my photos like a boss). 

Polk Street Boxing Gym

Polk Street Boxing Gym

(Foot)Ballin' at a Christmas party

(Foot)Ballin' at a Christmas party