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Austin Vay-Cay 2012

Austin Vay-Cay 2012

Since my favorite Bus (aka Nicole) lives so far away in the wonderful city that is Austin, its become a tradition that

I visit her every year

for her birthday weekend. I've already covered the


 and the


(and yes I felt slightly nauseous when all that food was listed out one after the other) so heres the rest of the trip. We started off my first day shopping and eating along South Congress- I found some cool old political buttons in Uncommon Objects.Then of course we had to head into Allen's boots where I was tempted to buy the 'Murican themed red white and blue boots...unfortunately they were $700 and I stupidly put myself on a budget so I had to turn them down.

Alyssa flew in Thursday night and the rest of the weekend was spent chatting, eating, drinking and taking a bunch of pictures. Apparently I got a little over excited at one point trying to get a picture of Lys and Bus on the bridge and may or may not have almost backhanded a biker who was just trying to get some exercise in. In my defense the picture turned out great so awkward moment was worth it- I did apologize. A small selection of said photos (backhand photo is 5th one down): 

We also managed to fit in a little shootin'. Like

last year

we headed out to Kent's place to get in some target practice on Sunday. This year we were prepared with pink ear plugs (designed to fit a ladies smaller ear canal- I'm not joking) and an actual target to shoot at. We were surprised to find some giant horned beasts aka longhorn cows chillin in his front yard. The horns made me nervous but apparently they're skittish and what I was reading as an 'attack! kill humans!' stance was really just a cow not knowing what was going on.

We shot the 22 rifle that held 50 rounds and the 38 which was my favorite last year. Bus and I got a refresher course from Dan and Kent and managed to hold our own. It was Lys' first time ever and she did great! Can I just say that I love shooting... and I am actually decent at it. I have no desire to actually go hunting or hang out in a shooting range anytime soon but to be outside with my friends shooting at random stuff? Yes please!

You can see one photo above of Kent showing us how to pose with one gun but here he is really stepping it up to show us how to pose with two guns. Note the distant gaze, the mouth opened slightly, one foot in front of the other and guns held casually...classic.

This was the best I could do- still need to work on opening my mouth slightly without laughing. Then it'll truly be a Kent Classic photo. BTW yes I'm wearing Lululemon pants to shoot a gun. Everyone asks me why I spend so much money on their stuff and here's the perfect example- they literally work in all situations...this look obviously is saying 'I'm comfortable but also deadly'

Video Overload

Video Overload

Eating my way through Austin

Eating my way through Austin