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Turning the big 2-8

Turning the big 2-8

It was my birthday this past Monday (woo hoo for best day of the year!) and after a long weekend of


and Disney (update coming soon after I edit down my 200+ pics) fun, I decided to take the day off of work and just relax. Well it turns out that the weather had other plans and my flight back from LA was delayed 3 hours due to fog...at least I had a good book (Game of Thrones- seriously awesome). That meant less relaxing at home and more frantically trying to call a cab to get downtown for drinks with friends at




last year

Bonnie and I did a joint bday party (her birthday is today- Happy Birthday Bonnie!) so we grabbed a couple of tables and settled in. Props to


for figuring that sitch out- no reservation, full patio and our people on the way needing a place to sit? No prob! she got us two big tables and calmed me down...no easy feat. The view was awesome, the weather was less than ideal. Well let me explain, I was hoping for sun and warm weather (per SF indian summer tradition) so I dressed in a tank top and light jacket...totally my fault for being freezing but I was trying to be optimistic about the weather when I was picking out what to wear. Thanks to everyone who came out and braved the weather...it was a great night! Rebecca baked us an ah-mazing treat complete with rainbow sprinkles. Cinnamon roll biscuits with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles on top AND inside...so yummy and so pretty. I ate three...they were fantastic.

In other birthday related news, I've decided that at 28 I am officially in my late-20s (I was holding on to being in my mid-20s for a really long time)...I know I know this is pretty shocking news Lindsey:

Yes, now that I'm in my LATE-20s, I've decided I should probably start being a responsible grown-up so I've put myself on a budget. Ai yi yi things cost so. much. money!!! I figured it was about time since I was starting to hold my breath before checking my credit card account balance <-- never a good sign. So far its going pretty good...I wake up earlier to avoid having to take a cab to work (no excuse for missing a 9:30 bus!), I only buy food that I'll eat during the week (therefore avoiding throwing stuff out because I forgot about it and it goes bad), and I got to make a pretty spreadsheet (well two since the first one forgot to account for things like 'transportation' and 'medical bills' and 'food'...oops... apparently I was focused more on the 'clothes' and 'bar' sections).

Thankfully my parents know me well and in addition to celebrating with a LA/Disney birthday weekend, I now have a temporary break from my Lululemon shopping ban (I love it so much I can't go inside or look on the website or I'll buy something) AND I have a seasons pass to Tahoe! My parents are the best! So ready to start snowboarding again!

Anyways, 27 was a good year and I'm looking forward to 28! Hope everyone is having a good week!

PS. My mom was right (she loves that phrase) - Travis Wall's All the Right Moves is so good! I watched it until 3am last night <-- bad grown up decision


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is my new fav...so many good ones! This one is a personal fav:

When I see a hot guy at the bar.

#18 Go to Disneyland

#18 Go to Disneyland

LA Wedding: Elisabeth and Alex

LA Wedding: Elisabeth and Alex