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Blog-iversary and SF-iversary

Blog-iversary and SF-iversary

The blog is officially one year old (technically it was one year old in August but I'm always late so this  late announcement is in keeping with how I roll) that means I've been American for one whole year- woo hoo!! I'm celebrating by eating dry Puffins cereal (regular not PB) and drinking wine by myself and watching the best show ever (aka Friday Night Lights)..my life is craaaaaazy try not to be jealous. Anyways, I've completed 18/48 American items on my list making me 37.5% American- I've got a long way to go but it has been so much freaking fun crossing things off my list. This past year has been a BLAST and thank you to all my friends for making being American so awesome. What's next? Who feels like showing me something American???

Not only have I been American for one full year, I've also been in SF for four whole years now. In honor of my four year anniversary of living in SF here is a list of my favorite SF things:

Favorite food truck:


-I'm still dying to try

Bacon Bacon

 though so it might get knocked out...we shall see

Favorite food: This is a tough one because there is sooo many good options so I'll break it down. Burger:


, Brunch:


, Greek:


, Fancy-pants:


, Healthy:

The Plant

, Mexican:

Little Chihuahua

(thank you


for that one!), Fondue:

Fondue Cowboy

, Contemporary American:

Salt House

 (one of the owners is from Coquitlam, BC like me! crazy coincidence and makes me love it even more)...there are A TON and quite frankly the linking to awesome restaurants is making me hungry so we're gonna call this a night for the food section.

Favorite festival: Tough call since there are so many street festivals but I'm gonna have to go musical on this one and give a shout out to

Outside lands

...food, booze AND live music?!?! Can't go wrong with that.

Favorite down and dirty bar:


Favorite fancy bar:

Bar Agricole

Favorite workout (to make up for all the eating and drinking):


- over a year in and still going strong (literally) but just started at

Polk St Boxing Gym

and I love it (minus the people spitting in my face...more on that later)! Bootcamp has happy hours though (and no spitting) so it still remains in top position.

Favorite clothing company:

San Franpsycho

- I love their women's Rad White and Blue shirt

Favorite website:


-obvi- although


is a close second

Favorite homless man:

The Bushman

aka David Johnson- close second is the guy outside of Walgreens at Drumm and California who goes 'Oh baby work them jeans! looking good!' any time you walk by. Insta ego boost.

Favorite walk: Through the Presideo to Chrissy Field...second place is Coit Tower which has awesome views but is a pain in the ass to get to because of all the stairs.

And not so much a favorite but worth mentioning: Worst neighbors ever: The people living above me...I can tell you they watched the Dark Knight today and I think spent some time practicing for strong man competitions by flipping over furniture...only explanation for why my ceiling almost caved in this afternoon. Also, if they don't weight 1000000000000 pounds there is no excuse for the stomping.

Anyways, looking forward to more SF fun to come this year and big congrats to the rest of my fam who are also celebrating their one year as Americans in the next few weeks...looking forward to an LA/Disneyland reunion to celebrate (also to celebrate my bday...lets not forget the most important of all days).

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