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Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

When the fog burns off, SF summers aren't too bad I mean check out those blue skies! We've had a lot of fog lately...A LOT. Probably because its over 100 degrees in the east bay and there's that whole crazy weather thing going on (if you don't know what I'm talking about check out legit Wikipedia info 


) but its not much fun. What is fun is taking the long way on a walk to a client's site on Friday and snapping a few photos along the way...I forget how lucky I am to live in this city sometimes and going for a walk is always a good reminder of where I'm at.

And just look at this American pride standing guard over the Rincon Center- so patriotic. 

On Saturday Bonnie and I headed out to the

SF Street Food Festival

and it was packed!! Seriously, we got there fairly early and the lines were already way down the street. 

After checking out the crowd situation, we took time to strategize. Bonnie had done some research and picked out a couple favorites which we quickly found and circled (stars = must have). I however did zero pre-day planning and just knew that I wanted Korean tacos from


. Seriously I don't know why I love these so much but I do...they are fantastic and I want them every day. And no I have no picture of them because I was busy shoving it into my mouth as fast as possible.

In a move of strategic brilliance, we divided and conquored most of the lines making for a pretty quick food festival. While I was in line at the very popular

State Bird Provisions

(America's best new restaurant!), Bonnie picked up the ever awesome Korean tacos which we ate in line. Then it was our turn at SBP and we got the hand pulled burrata with garlic bread...it was amazing and quickly eaten after this photo was taken.  

We also ate: pickles from


, Falafel sandwich from


, Frankaroni from

4505 meats

and the deep fried Caramel pop from


(also took the 3 pack of dark chocolate, caramel shortbread cookies home...two are in the fridge and one was devoured after walking home). Now that sounds like a lot but we were sharing most of that (except for the tacos of course) but we were both full pretty quickly. Such a bummer when there was so much awesome food around...but I 


 think we hit the best stuff...and we know for next year that two people could share the passport of $30 worth of food (rather than $30 each like this year). Anyways we finished it all up with some icy cold beverages...mmm mint julips.

 Pretty good way to spend a Saturday :-)

Ps. I've given in and joined Twitter- you can find me under


. Best/worst decision ever...why? Now I can spend hours reading about what famous people are doing. And what people ate for lunch. And where my favorite bands are playing. And who's baby is doing something cute at that very moment. But in my defense, I am actually way more aware of actual news (hollar @cnn) not just my daily dose of people.com. Oh and one last downside- if you're prone to drunk texting or drunk facebooking or drunk calling then maybe hold off on the whole Twitter thing. Note to self: I am not a swimming expert...Michael Phelps does not need my help and/or encouragement...drunk tweeting is not cool. Thankfully you are able to delete tweets that are unnecessary (*ahem my SIX to Michael Phelps*) and/or embarrassing. 

My new ride

My new ride

#9 Go to a baseball game

#9 Go to a baseball game