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Independence Day 2012

Independence Day 2012

'Murican beer pride photo thanks to Rebekah

So Vegas trip happened this past weekend...yup it really really did...I need some major recovery time. Long weekend plus a 3 hour delay (getting in at 11 instead of 8) makes for a miserable Monday morning. Great trip but I'm sooo tired...I'll recap in a few days. In the mean time, I already did my

Canada Day prep

post so here's a nod to my American side: 

1. Tracey from Shutterbean but together an awesome post about

4th of July foods

. If you're trying to figure out what to serve or what to bring to a party she's got answers. I want her

strawberry goat cheese bruschetta

 real bad.

2. Chiara from Oh Happy Day has a cute DIY

red white and blue garland

idea. Not sold on that one? She also has a

giant garland

DIY too.

3. Making It Lovely has cute

table decorating


4. Planning a BBQ? Serious Eats has a 12 different

homemade BBQ sauce

recipes for you to try out.



Obviously this is my favorite thing ever and someone *ahem


ahem* needs to make this.

6.  If you aren't sold on the cake I don't know what's wrong with you...I kid I kid that cake looks like a lot of work. Serious Eats pulled together a list of

15 desserts

to make...these all look pretty damn good too.

And what will my plans be? Heading to the beach with the family (including my awesome cousins from Vancouver) to play in the sand and eat way too much food...can't wait!

SF turned Urban Playground

SF turned Urban Playground

Canada Day 2012 Prep

Canada Day 2012 Prep