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S'more Party

S'more Party

I missed my roomie's bday recently since I was in Hawaii so we celebrated a little late...but that didn't matter since we celebrated with s'mores!! Mmmmmmm. I was all over these growing up in Canada and I totally made some delish s'mores at Girl Guide camp...no big deal but I'm basically a marshmallow toasting pro. Since this is an American blog, I'll side with the Smithsonian (whoa legit right?!?), which says s'mores are

more American than apple pie

<--fightin' words right there. American treat or Canadian treat- who cares!?! These are awesome!

So here's the spread: graham crackers (obvi), marshmallows (duh), milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Reese's peanut butter chips, coconut, peanut butter, Nutella, sliced green apples and strawberries (with extra strawberries on the side because I love them). Oh and the Buddah? Only $7 at Marshalls! I love him (my mom thinks he's creepy) and he was used to hold down napkins...see Mom he's totally the right addition to any party.

Now I love making s'mores over a campfire but since a fire in the apartment prob won't fly with the landlord (and open flame isn't really a good call anyways for a klutz like me) I hoped that a good blast of heat under the broiler would do the trick- totally works! Just have to keep a really REALLY close eye on them....I left the oven door open a bit so I could watch them brown up. Here are some of the treats:

 Classic on the left and classic with a twist (nutella under the marshmallow) on the right

 Strawberry, Reese's chips, Nutella and toasted coconut mmmm

 My fav: extra Nutella and strawberries...simple but sooo good

 Birthday girl blowing out the candles on the brownie bites 

GIANT bottle of Belvedere for birthday drinks. 

I'm getting hungry again just writing this...thankfully I have A LOT of leftovers (hmmm s'more party part 2 this weekend perhaps?). I highly recommend having a s'more party...its so easy. Plus you could totally theme it and have multiple s'more desserts like:

S'more Cookie Bars

Frozen S'mores

(thanks Rebecca for the link!)



(Peeps s'mores)

S'more cupcakes 

Ps. August 10th is National S'more day so start planning now!

Hawaii Vay-cay

Hawaii Vay-cay

#35 Vote in a (primary) election

#35 Vote in a (primary) election