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#28 Go to a NASCAR race

#28 Go to a NASCAR race

This past weekend by friend Rebekah and I headed up to Sonoma to check out the NASCAR Sprint Cup series race. Technically the main race was on Sunday and we were there Saturday so I think this list item might eventually need a redo but for now I'm considering it checked off. We got to see the practice laps for Sunday so basically its like we were there and all NASCAR-fied. On Saturday it was the Pick-n-Pull Racing to Stop Hunger 200 NASCAR K&N West Series Race. What does that mean? No idea...my NASCAR knowledge is pretty much: cars go round a track, cars try to be the fastest, cars try not to crash....yup sums it up pretty good right? 

I thought we would be in for a crazy day considering how busy the parking lot was at 9am when we got there but it actually wasn't too bad once we got inside. I'm not a huge crowd person so it actually was awesome for me...all the fun and none of the crazy long lines. By the way, if you've never been to a race and are looking to go, totally check out this track...the views were awesome (bonus would be the wineries right next door :-)). 

 I was totally prepared for this event: Ticket? Check

Patriotic fanny pack? Check (so handy!)

Beer? Check (bonus points for US Air Force Coozie) 

 Aaaaaand check (double bonus points for putting this patriotic refreshment IN my Air Force coozie) 

Totally legit ear phones with microphones that don't at ALL look over the top? Uuuugh totally left those at home...better luck next year. Ok I kid I kid, I don't mean to be hatin', these people obviously love them some NASCAR (and could probably kick my ass...I might be tall but I have no throw down skills at all).

Race details are a little sketchy- mainly because I might have laid down in the stands and taken a nap. I mean come on! Hot sun, waking up early and a few beers- I was driving so kept it to two with lots of water but still beer is like my Ambien and don't even get me started on the sun.  So yes I can't tell from my pictures which are from the actual race and which were from the warm up but whatevs, you get the idea (remember: cars go round track, cars go fast, cars win!). Not that I googled it or anything but I can tell you that David Gilliland won the race we were there for...I guess his Dad is kind of a big deal in racing(? maybe?) and was there to see him win so it made for an emotional winner's circle. I was glad that win meant something to him because the trophy SUCKED...I mean really...it was just a lame giant bottle of wine (if it was full of wine that might be cooler but I have a feeling it was just supposed to look like that). Where are the eagles and stars and bolts of lighting?!? You know, something to spice it up a notch.

Since watching cars go round and round and round a track looses some of its appeal after awhile, we broke up the race watching by wandering around the track. First stop was at the Air Force tent where I picked up the coozie above and showed my 'Murican pride. Check out Rebekah's LEGIT gear (no not all the beer!) - that jacket is her grandpa's Indy 500 jacket from back in the day.

 Oh and no big deal or anything but basically found my 'Murican soulmate...I mean he was really committing to his look. Gotta respect a man who chooses 'fashion' over comfort.

 The food options were pretty much what you'd expect from a NASCAR race- check out the description for the Golden Gate Melt. I won't lie... I was tempted.

Despite the many fried and cheesey options, I held out for the Kinder's BBQ that we got with our Club 7 pass (a tent with tables and chairs by turn 7). Holy deliciousness Batman! LOVE me some BBQ ribs...and that biscuit was yummy. If I wasn't about to go to Vegas, I would have eaten a whole plate of the potato salad but kept it to one small scoop this time...yummm.

 Speaking of food, this is my favorite car and now I totally want M&M's just looking at it. Aren't the fake lights funny- Rebekah tells me its like this on all the cars...so weird/cool!

 Couldn't resist sharing this one- Save Mart was a sponsor for the race so obviously they brought a GIANT rolling shopping cart with GIANT boxes of beer inside. I wanted to take it home with me.

 Besides the BBQ mentioned above, some of the other benefits to the club 7 were the chairs with backs to them (the stands are just bleachers), one free water (considering they were $4 this was a good deal to me), classy porta-potties (the trailer kind that have sinks), TVs to watch the races AND a question and answer session with one of the drivers. Regan Smith talked about his approach to racing which was interesting since I know nothing...also he's really really cute (and really really married) so that didn't hurt.

 After some learning, we finished off the day by watching the Legends race...again, I have no idea what this is but the cars are super old and go 3 whole seconds slower than the regular cars (woo hoo for paying attention to the announcers!). They were super cute though and painted bright fun colors...good way to end the day!

Kicking off the summer feeling super 'Murican and checking stuff off my list...love it!

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