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#26 Join a kickball team

#26 Join a kickball team

 Another one checked off

the list

- I joined a kickball team! Bonnie and Rebecca decided they wanted in  as well so we went online and picked the team with the best name (since we didn't know anyone) and ended up joining the Bad News Beers (runner up for best name in my opinion was Tequila Mockingbird). Going into this I thought this would be super easy since I played kickball as a kid although in Canada we called it California Kickball- maybe because we played it outside? no idea. Yea not the case...I suck at playing kickball! Attempting to catch the ball turns me into a full on spaz: awkward panic expression, arms flailing, high pitched noises coming from my mouth...its just all bad. I am getting better at kicking the ball though and made it to 3rd base in our last game.

Even with my full on spaz-ness my team is the best! They don't care that we lose (often) or that I missed catching the ball (just also often) as long as we're out there playing everything is all good...no crazy pressure to win just to have fun so I love it.

This picture is basically what runs through my mind as I run for a ball...I really really really don't want this to happen:

 Anyways we finished up the season by winning our last game 15 to 2!!! How did we celebrate? Froyo dinner mmmmm...good call.

You might be thinking that playing kickball is all there is to it...WRONG! My favorite part of this whole joining a kickball team thing is the post-game flip cup that happens. I mean really, when you mix $3 shots of Jameson with $11 pitchers (yup PITCHERS) of beer you really can't go wrong! Well I guess except for the one time I went after seeing


and really emphasized the Jameson portion of the night (Friday morning hangovers = not fun).

We all head down to the Bus Stop after the game and get to work. Now while my team might not care if we win the kickball game we do care if we win at flip cup. And taking into consideration that the game runs for 45 mins or so but we flip cup for 3 hours I think we have our priorities straight.

 Believe it or not, I never played a single game of flip cup in college (I know right?!?) so I had a lot of learning to do. Thankfully I'm a quick learner and can do it in one flip like a pro...I don't handle the stress well though so I'm never the anchor. So yes still a horrible kickball player but much improved in flip cup.

 Now thats what a good night looks like:

Can't wait until next season...hopefully I learn to catch the ball without looking terrified. 

Ps. All awesome team pics and picture of guy getting hit in the face with the ball were taken by the official kickball photographer Robert Ray. All blurry/dark photos of drunk people taken by yours truly.

#35 Vote in a (primary) election

#35 Vote in a (primary) election

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