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Patriotic down to my fingertips

Patriotic down to my fingertips

So occasionally I wonder if someone has taken the time to America-fy something...you know just get uber-patriotic with say


, or


 (which are pretty damn awesome), or


...and thats when good ol' google comes in real handy. The other night while randomly googling 'most patriotic <fill in the blank with something random>' I realized my nails were in some serious need of a manicure.

Now before I get the 'you seriously need to get a life' comments, first can I just say that no I don't have a TON of time on my hands to spend hours googling random totally pointless things but its really hard to sleep when the worlds loudest man lives above me...I swear he was either re-arranging his bedroom furniture OR he was doing some pre-summer workouts that involved weights hitting the floor....so yes when I can't sleep, I google. Anyways, this 'in need of manicure stat' realization led me to these pretty epic 'Merican nail art pictures.

Lets start with the classic- just a basic flag:

Always good to go with a classic but how about we spice things up a notch and get a little creative with the good old flag....first up is my personal fav (who can help me do this for the 4th??):

And now for the scary looooong ones...yikes look at the pointy ones (how does she not poke her eye out??):

Ok minus the super long nails, these are some good ideas for thought...I really want to up my 4th of July outfit up a notch this year and this might just be the way to do it. But before that can happen one of my favorite days of the year is up first ...July 1st aka Canada day!!! I needed some good options...the leaf is going to be real tricky:

Not too shabby but what is Canada without their crazy hockey fan-ness (and I say this with love because get me to a game with a beer in my hand watch me transform...hockey games are the best)...here is a woman reppin' her favorite teams:

 And of course my favsies...these are gorgeous and I totally want:

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Patriotic Moment of the day

Patriotic Moment of the day