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Bay to Breakers 2012

Bay to Breakers 2012

San Francisco knows how to have a good time- especially when costumes are involved (ie.


). This city just loves an excuse party especially when the whole idea is as basic as 'get drunk. wear costume'. If you've been to B2B before you know that the 'costume' part is optional and no I don't mean you can wear regular clothes (which you can) but oh no its that naked people LOOOVE to come out for this. It pretty much goes like this: group dressed like bananas, group dressed as tetris, guy in gorilla suit, naked guy with fanny pack, guy in american flag, girls wearing something 'slutty', naked guy in a wig jumping to the music (<-- my eyes! my eyes!) ...you get the idea.

Anyways obviously I decided I needed a little 'Merican in my life and busted out my Uncle Sam shirt and the ever classy camo hat + aviators combo. Rebecca showed up prepared with these

delish cookies

 and Tom had a backpack full of beer whereas I went in the coke+Jameson direction...either way we were set!

There were quite a few people in random American-ness:

 But hands down my two favs were the guy in the morph suit (I want one so bad!!):

 And this guy! Look its me with Uncle Sam!! Ahhh so awesome! 

 Totally got my American-ness fill for the day which lead to this...

 then this...

 then this (passed out at home with puppy bff)...

It was a great day! Can't wait for next year...start thinking of costume ideas...Rebecca and I want to go big.

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