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CHiPs Style Tourism

CHiPs Style Tourism

You know how you can live somewhere for awhile and you kind of forget how there is all this awesome stuff to see and do? Yea well at least that happened to me, so when my friend Kelda emailed us about getting the 

Go Car SF Groupon

 I was all over it. We decided to go this past


and it was soooooo much fun. I mean seriously, combine the 'mini car that drives like a motorcycle' fun factor plus stylish helmets and shades and basically we looked like this but cooler:

We got to the Union square location bright and early on Sunday morning. They got us all set up with helmets and we watched the safety video where they warned us if we go off course that the car might not make it up the hill and you will have to get out and push it...umm yea no thanks. Anyways in no time we were ready to go! 

Thumbs up for Go Car!

Too legit to quit- looking tough ladies

Bonnie and Kelda were the drivers which left Lindsey and I in charge of navigating and signaling to traffic (who needs blinking lights when you can just wave your arms around and point?!? Much more effective). 

Bonnie in action

Lindsey and I had it pretty easy since we didn't have to do much navigating as the cars are equipped with GPS which guides you and gives you info/history on the landmarks. Driving past the stadium was fun as Kelda was honking at everyone dressed in Giants gear...this got us lots of cheers (and photos...people loved taking pictures of these weird cars)

AT&T park

Ferry Building which fyi survived both the 1906 and 1989 earthquakes

Cruising by Fisherman's warf

The Cannery was once the largest fruit and vegetable cannery in the world and has 130 year old olive trees in the courtyard. 

Driving towards the bridge felt like we were on Disneyland's Autopia ride. 

Golden Gate bridge!

Due to the fact that it was FREEZING out for the first hour, we cut our tour short and headed back to drop the cars off. There's nothing like cruising through the city and gunning it over the hills (so we don't have to get out and push) to start off a Sunday. Lindsey had to go into work but the rest of us headed to

Urban Tavern

for lunch afterwards...the burger (white cheddar and avocado) plus Zoe's bacon tato tots totally hit the spot. I was ridiculously full afterwards but I definitely want to go back just so I can try the beeramisu they had on the desert menu :-)

Totally doing this again...who wants to come for a visit and go for a drive??

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