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Thanks to Groupon (and my friend Kelda for telling me about it) I am now the proud owner of four


...yes four, obvi I need a few backups plus double fisting is


American. Whats a Skuuzi? Basically the best invention EVER! Its the original Scandinavian koozie...allow me to demonstrate:

Holding that beer like a champ!! Plus my hands are toasty warm and there is no threat of the beer sliding out of my grasp...highly recommended! Well this got me thinking of the many ways I should be holding my beer.. I mean, why the hell should my hands be cold just so I can enjoy a delicious beverage?!? (Ideally enjoyed post-snowboarding...still keeping my fingers crossed for a big storm)

First up, a creative use of one of my favorite treats...beer is insulated and you get a snack!

 Now this is perfect for golf or a picnic...really blends into the surroundings...the

Bud Light Grass Can Coozie


I don't know about you but I HATE waiting in long lines for drinks. Well, problem solved! This gem promises that you can booze down a six-pack before needing to hit the bar again:

If you don't want something around your waist there's also this option... I love the camo...its the little touches that really make

the holster


You know those places that don't allow you to bring in alcohol but want you to spend $9 per beer? Well on my budget $9 a beer isn't really going to work (I prefer to work within the free to $5 range)...thankfully the

Freedom Flask

has been invented...however their recommended method of pouring is disgusting:

You might be asking 'where are the American themed holders?'..have no fear, there is both a DIY option and a bad ass option:

And even an awesome Canadian option:

Good to know there is also a classy wedding option (for my friends getting married this summer, please take note):

And last but not least, I just think these are cute and totally want one:

FYI, if you want to see some pretty 'interesting' ways to use your body to hold beer just google 'beer holders' in a google image search... yikes.

**Update: I'm happy to announce that this Skuuzi works as advertised...after a freezing workout outside, I was able to enjoy my beer while staying warm at the same time...awesome.**

Patriotic Moment...

Patriotic Moment...

'Merica Fashion Statement

'Merica Fashion Statement