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SF SPCA visit to finish up #33

SF SPCA visit to finish up #33

Roomie Lindsey and I decided to go to the SPCA today to drop off the donation items I picked up at 


 last weekend. Sounds like a good idea right? Well I should mention that we are both total dog lovers in major dog withdrawal and our apartment doesn't allow dogs....not a good combo. We spent the entire ride to the SPCA trying to prep ourselves so we don't end up with a third passenger on the way home. 

 Looking at the dogs and not taking one home was so much harder than I thought it would be...Lindsey had to drag me away. Here are some of the adorable

adoptable dogs

we saw today:

This is Katie..she seemed like a total sweetheart

Daren didn't feel like he had to play to the camera...he was so handsome he didn't need to

Just look at that face!!

Daren's roomie Pippa...LOVE LOVE LOVE her! She was my second favorite

What SPCA visit is complete without looking at the puppies and they had three pit bull puppies...THREE!! I didn't even go in the room to cuddle with them since they totally would have come home with me if I had. Some pictures of Sugar, Spice and Pepper:

And now its time for my absolute favorite dog KC. They said he was a shepherd/cattle dog mix and was absolutely adorable. He unfortunately has been adopted twice and been given back since he has some bad habits (he's a little mouthy and jumps up on people)...but he's incredibly smart and with training would be an amazing dog. He is so loving and was giving me kisses and trying to climb into my lap. He even rolled onto his back for belly rubs and was proud to show off how good he could sit for some treats. I can't stop thinking about this dog...I hope he gets adopted soon by someone who is willing to put the time in for training. 

He looks unhappy but he was being so funny trying to fit in my lap and giving me kisses...and he was loving having his leash to chew on..hands down his favorite chew toy is his leash. 

As we were sitting in the lobby with KC in my lap (considering moving to an apartment that allows dogs) a older couple came up wanting to visit with KC. Since they were obviously there to adopt (not torture themselves like I was), I let Lindsey drag me away so they could spend time with such an awesome dog. Keeping my fingers crossed he gets adopted soon otherwise I'll be back to scoop him up...but since he's not a 'stay at home alone for 8 hours' kind of dog I decided that my work could use a mascot. Who wouldn't want a dog in the office all the time?!?

We spent time in the cat area too...its pretty pimped out...some cats even had TVs!! They all seemed to be enjoying themselves.

This is Cleo who is possibly the fattest cat ever but super sweet looking

I love how this one is totally passed out...a cat after my own heart 

Super cute artwork by kids on all the cat doors. 

If you're in SF and looking for a dog or cat check out the SPCA 

adoption center

. They're always looking for donations so check out their

wish list

. And if you're looking to volunteer they do have a

volunteer program

(3hrs per week for 6 months requirement).

**Update: According to the SPCA website, KC got adopted!!! Such good news!**

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