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Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

First Thanksgiving as an American was a total success!! Typically we don't get to see our Canadian family for holidays so its become a tradition that we go over to Christine and Dieter's to celebrate with our 'fake family' as I call them...its been 11 years and counting of holidays but the first as Americans :-) My mom and Christine are all over the food situation, my dad and Dieter talk about beer and biking, my brother and the boys talk about video games and sports and Elizabeth, Emily and I talk about whatever...this year we talked about Elizabeth's wedding since she just got engaged!!! Very exciting stuff...we immediately started



Holiday appropriate decor...love it

Dieter carving the turkey

Gravy, cabbage and potatoes on the stove

Food is always ah-mazing and I eat way too much but whatever thats what holidays are for right?!? My mom covers the appetizers and is now required to make her famous sausage rolls...pretty sure she wouldn't be allowed over without them :-) The main course this year included the following: turkey, two kinds of stuffing (one veggie, one with meat), red cabbage, corn, squash and brussels sprouts dish, yams, brussels sprouts on their own, mashed potatoes, cauliflower tart (incredible...still craving more) and Tom's famous mold (more on that later).

The spread

Super cute napkin ring

My incredibly full plate...didn't quite finish it all but made a good effort. 

After filling up on delish food we take a breather to clean up and then get ready for the desert course. This year we had four kinds of pie (pumpkin, apple, pecan and chocolate cream),  Colin's famous egg-less cupcakes and an apple and pear galette...yummmmmm.

The spread Part 2

I tried to eat it all but no luck...some of this goodness went to waste :-(

After eating more than we thought humanly possible then its time for games. This year we had a major fail trying to play Mafia...turns out fake family is a family full of cheaters!! Since that didn't go so great some of the group moved on to Ninja, Cowboy and Bear... essentially rock paper scissors...I was in a food coma so I did not join in.

Cowboy vs. Bear

Tom's famous mold is the stuff of legends...he graduated from being the 'pre-washer' of dishes to the mold maker. Its tough stuff... not just the mold making but also the mold unveiling since you want it to come out in one piece rather than a puddle of goo. Steps for a successful mold removal:

Remove the bottom and gather the group around to admire the mold

Pick a plate and flip the mold over

Take the center of the mold out (requires a steady hand)

Swiftly remove the remainder of the mold

Wait for applause after successful mold removal

Thanksgiving was awesome and now I'm off to show some Canadians around SF!

The final Americanadian..

The final Americanadian..