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#3 Go to a rodeo

#3 Go to a rodeo

Lindsey and I got all decked out in our cowboy gear and headed to the Cow Palace tonight for the Grand National Rodeo. So. Much. Fun!! Although I've learned that next year we will need to add some flair to our wardrobe- turns out western women love their bling. Bedazzled shirts, belts, hats, jeans, boots, saddles, bridles, coffee mugs etc... a good note for future outfits. 

Started off the night with some BBQ and beer...so good but I could have easily had seconds. 

Two thumbs up!! It was delish

Then we got our farmer on and 'milked a cow' ...this was so weird  

The 'udders' were sticky...I was totally grossed out

After wandering around the exhibition hall (lots of rhinestone stuff) for a bit we found this little guy:

So freaking cute...trying to figure out how he can live  as a third roommate in our apartment. 

Look how tiny his feet are! So freaking cute

We finally pulled ourselves away from the pony and headed to our seats to watch the rodeo. There was bareback riding, steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding, team roping, barrel racing (AH-mazing), tie-down roping and last but not least bull riding. The bareback riding was the scariest by far...the second cowboy got his hand stuck and was dragged all over the area before finally yanking his hand free. He couldn't walk had to be carried out of the area...and another cowboy had trouble walking out of the area after his successful bull ride but that was because he broke his foot two weeks ago AND STILL RODE!! <--Insane. My camera was having trouble during the rodeo so I had to rely on my iphone which couldn't keep up with the riders- almost every picture is a blur they were moving so fast! So cool to watch.

Started off with the opening ceremonies- note the teeny tiny rider on the far right...she was so proud of her little pony and waved to the crowd like crazy when she did her lap. 

The drill team was pretty awesome (and super American obviously)- here's a quick video of some of their moves (I was too into the show to keep filming):

Yea no big deal- I do this all the time basically. Just kidding- it was really impressive. 

Finished his ride and getting ready to hop off the bucking horse and onto the horse next to him....the announcer  LOVED to comment on their dismount 'try landing on your feet next time buddy' 'thank god you're judged on your ride not your dismount' etc...


Barrel racing!! So cool I was cheering too loud to take many pics. 

Hot cowboys ...yup main reason to come to the rodeo. 

Bareback champion

 Thanks to Lindsey for joining me and helping me check off #3 on my list- can't wait to go again next year!

Yet another AmeriCanadian in the country...

Yet another AmeriCanadian in the country...

Patriotic fashion...

Patriotic fashion...