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#16 Work on a farm

#16 Work on a farm

Ok so maybe 'work on a farm' is not exactly accurate but I did pick food in the fields for a few hours, it was super hot out AND I was dressed like a farmer sooo I'm gonna count it :-)

Looking legit in the field 

My roommate Bonnie and I are turning 27 in a week and started the birthday week off by heading to 

Smith Family Farm

 to go pick some fruits and veggies.

Bonnie showing off her peach picking technique with Pete holding the bucket

Rebecca kept a lookout for the very best peaches 

The farm had an awesome variety of food. We were able to pick: peaches, nectarines, pears, peppers and tomatoes. We also got some fresh herbs...mmm can't wait to make some tomato sauce!

Lindsey and I shared a bucket and did pretty well if I do say so myself. 

They also had some donkeys and a cow hanging out in a pasture...Lindsey became BBF with the donkeys pretty quickly.

Lindsey and donkey...and this was before she fed him some grass....he loved her!

Just look at that face!

Sunflower field was cool to walk through...until I realized how many bees were around me.

After working hard in the fields, we headed over to Pete's parents house in Orinda for lunch on the patio which was amazing....lots of good food and beautiful surroundings. The best part was their dog Thor...I love this dog! He's a Greater Swiss Mountain dog and I wanted to take him home with me.

Just look at those puppy eyes!

Pete's parents also have chickens and since no farm day is a true farm day without getting down and dirty catching some chickens I headed into the chicken area and caught this little lady:

After a post-farm/chicken catching nap, we had dinner and had some of the awesome cake Rebecca baked...yes she baked this herself!! Its amazing- we took like 20 pictures of it so here are just a few.

Bonnie and I are 27 (soon)!

Yup you're seeing that correctly...6 separate cakes were baked to make this beautiful rainbow cake. 

Rebecca with her creation...so cool!!!

All in all 'work on a farm' was a success and I would definitely do this again...#16 is checked off! 

Patriotic Moment...

Patriotic Moment...

Another AmeriCanadian in the country...

Another AmeriCanadian in the country...